Tangle Edge - In Search Of A New Dawn

Tangle Edge - In Search Of A New Dawn

Isis at The Invisible Frontispiece./Caesar's Integrated Flaw./Nephthys./A Secret Inside Clopedia./The Approaching Triptykhon Sunset./The Centipede's Tune./Later Than The Pinworm-Era./Mushy Shadows From a Lost Caravan./Solorgy.

DMCD 1009

Tangle Edge

In Search Of A New Dawn (90), Eulogy (93), Entangled Scorpio Entrance (92)

Touted as Scandinavia's answer to Ozric Tentacles, I personally find as many differences as similarities. Tangle Edge, by comparison, sounds like an early seventies band, both in instrumental style and production qualities. Maybe more like early Amon Düül II.

Tangle Edge are a relatively new Norwegian psych band that like to go off on extended guitar excursions. They have made quite a stir among psych fans. I have two albums, In Search of a New Dawn and the live, 2CD set Entangled Scorpio Entrance. In Search... is a good blend of acoustic and electric guitars, flutes, bowed guitar (sounding like an electrified hybrid of violin and sitar), moog and a variety of percussion (such as bells and bongos) weaved together into a cerebromorphing series of songs. The eight minute "A Secret Inside Clopedia" is a celestial blend of bongos, acoustic guitar and the bowed electric guitar; other songs, such as "Caesar's Integrated Flaw" and the 15 minute "Solorgy" are mind-bending electric jams. Most of the songs are in the 2-5 minute range. This album is a solid doses of psychedelia! Entangled Scorpio Entrance finds the band down to a trio (they had been five members) in a live setting so their sound is parred down relative to In Search.... On this outing, you can hear the band's propensity to go off on long guitar jams. The longest track is nearly 30 minutes and four others are between 14-20 minutes. Heck, the remaining two songs are each more than nine minutes in length and the total set runs just shy of two hours. The trio is just electric guitar, bass and drums. Tangle Edge are recommended to psychedelia fans. -- Mike Taylor