Jackson, Banton, Evans - Gentlemen Prefer Blues

Jackson, Banton, Evans - Gentlemen Prefer Blues

Saigon Roulette./Gentlemen Prefer Blues./Tropic of Conversation./The Main Slide./Foggy Foggy Dew./Spooks./Half World./The Epilogue.

DMCD 1011

Jackson, Banton, Evans

Some gentlemen prefer blondes, others blues.

"We set out to make an album by completing unfinished archive material left in the vaults of Foel Studio (Dave Anderson's studio in Llanfair Caereinion, Powys, Wales where they had recorded the first Long Hello album). The only track to survive from this original intention is The Epilogue recorded in 1977 by Hugh (pianos), Ian Gomm (guitars, engineering) and Eric Cairns (drums) and redubbed by J.B.E. in 1985. All other tracks are new. Drums on Saigon and Tropic Of Conversation were programmed by Hugh and humanised by Guy. Baliphones on The Main Slide were recorded in a vacant London flat and dubbed at Foel. The track Gentlemen Prefer Blues was the first piece of ensemble playing from this trio since 1976, immortalised courtesy of an astute punch-into-record by Brain."

(From the sleeve notes of the Gentlemen Prefer Blues album)