Atomic Rooster - The Devil Hits Back

Atomic Rooster - The Devil Hits Back

Devil's Answer./When Do I Start To Live./Play It Again./Control Of You. ?Lost In Space./Looking For You/Watch Out./Tomorrow Night./Living Underground. /The End Of The Day./Loose Your Mind./Hiding In The Shadows.

DMCD 1023

Atomic Rooster

Atomic Rooster is considered to be one of the major innovators of the term, 'Heavy Metal' with their Devil/Death image. The band was formed in the 70's, from the ashes of 'The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown', when Vincent Crane,the, demonic organ player, and Carl Palmer, the fiery drummer, recorded the very first album, 'Atomic Ro-O-oster'. This album bought the band a strong cult following, but it was'nt until John DuCann, guitarist and vocalist from Andromeda and The Attack, brought his own personal style to the band, that Rooster really took off!

The album: 'Death Walks Behind You' made the national charts, putting their hit single: 'Devils Answer' and 'Tomorrow Night', alongside groups like Black Sabbath,, Deep Purple and The Rolling Stones. 'In Hearing Of ...', John DuCann's last recording with the band during this decade, charted world wide.

Atomic Rooster went on to record more albums in the 70's featuring vocalist, Chris Farlowe and Pete French, plus drummers Paul Hammond and Rick Parnell. John DuCann went on to do further work with his own band, Bullett, and,( bands such as Status Quo and Thin Lizzy, before returning to the national charts in '79 with his own solo success, 'Don't Be a Dummy'. In the early 80's, Vincent Crane and John DuCann teamed up with Paul Hammond, Preston Heyman, Ginger Baker, and bass player, Big John 'Mammoth' McCoy, to record and perform. By taking Rooster into their second decade, they found that, in addition to their loyal following, they had a wealth of anxious new fans dying to see the legendary 'Kings of Heavy Metal' playing live. Vincent and John's plans for Atomic Rooster in the 90's will now sadly, never see the light as Vincent died on Saint Valentine's Day 1989.

This new album, 'The Devil Hits Back', encapsulates the very best of Rooster in the 80's. It was compiled by John DuCann and Jean Crane as a tribute to Vincent, a fine performer and a dedicated musician.