Oroonies - Of Hoof And Horn

Oroonies - Of Hoof And Horn

Girls of Alexandria./Pump Happy./The White Owl and The Silence./The Notes of Pan./Wdjawiek Babka./Dust Devils./Walk Out of It Hogan.

DMCD 1027


The Oroonies are a group of friends and their instruments who amongst other things have been playing music together for well over ten years. There were never any Oroonie rules so in the past it's been as diverse as manic punk thrash up a peaceful mountainside to nice little tunes in a London basement, and over this time all those pairs of ears have been listening carefully to the most obscure and peculiar music from all the corners of the globe, often to find the most ethnic of it to be the most demented..... So whilst most other people were busy running around in ever decreasing circles, the Oroonies spent the 80's sitting in odd little places, reading books, humming tunes, scrambling around in fairy forts, climbing snowy mountains in the dark, milking wild goats, lurking in the corner of warehouse parties in Kings Cross, watching Crystal Palace from the terraces or whatever all this and more turned into music...... Always in search of an elemental feeling : surging walls of sound, force and fire, Pan's pipes echoing, mad laughter bubbling up, in the Grove at dawn, feel the moon in the heavens, feel the storm inside your head ..... endure, enjoy, forget. Some of us may have lived in Eire once but our name is borrowed from Mr Charisma himself, Slim Gaillard thank you Slim! Very vouty. On stage we try to keep it strange and consequently sometimes it's sham bolic and sometimes wild never the same twice! All you need is to bring your psychedelic sense of humour with you. Perhaps we are not serious!

We are: Joie who plays the synthesisers and supplies the samples. Tanya the drummer who also sings and plays the double bass. Geek himself!!!! who is mostly bassist but also bouzouki man and saxophanist. Russ the guitarist and vocalist who also plays bouzouki and percussion. Jane flautist and conch blower. Jo the string section. Merv: percussionist at gigs and keyboard person in the studio.

Between us all we write, arrange and mutilate our material! Joie and Merv also play in the Ozric Tentacles and Wooden Baby. Joie also plays with the Ulllulators too.