Full Moon - Euphoria

Full Moon - Euphoria

At The Breaking of The Seals./Triple Echo./The Eternal Now./Book of Verse./Tomorrow's Child./Dragonsong./Sunburst./Somewhere Else.

DMCD 1031

Full Moon

FULL MOON were formed in 1985 by Gray Walker (rhythm guitar) and Angie Walker (bass guitar) and the band recorded their first demo tapes shortly after. Throughout the following year the band began touring and built up a large following, especially in London.In October 1987 Full Moon released their double A sided single "Nemesis / The Eternal Now". The record went to number 7 in the Italian independant charts and Rockerilla magazine voted it in at number 2 on their playlist and number 28 in the top 50 singles of that year. It was through the success of the single that Full Moon were signed to the Norwegian indie record company Voices of Wonder in December 1988. Full Moon released their debut self/titled album in January 1989. It featured nine tracks and the first 1,000 copies sold contained a lyric sheet. The front cover was designed by Rodney Mathews and full colour posters, postcards, calendars and a feature in Rodney's book 'Last Ship Home' were all released in conjunction with the album. The L.P. sold so well that the record company decided to release it onto C.D; the C.D. version featured two extra tracks which were taken from the single.In November 1990 Full Moon released a limited edition live album which was recorded with no overdubs from a selection of dates from the bands U.K. summer tour of that year. There were only 1,000 copies pressed.In December 1990 Full Moon signed to a new record company Demi Monde. Demi Monde is an indie label owned and run by Dave Anderson (ex Hawkwind, Amon Duul, and bass player with the Groundhogs). The band recorded their latest album 'EUPHORIA' at Foel studio, the companies studio in Wales.

Full Moon have had a great deal of publicity both in the U.K. and especially Europe. The band's records have been played on national radio in many countries as well as on most of the local radio stations. Full Moon have had reviews and features in most major music magazines and fanzines.

ANDY GREGORY - Lead guitar.
GRAY WALKER - Rythm guitar.
ANGIE WALKER - Bass guitar.