Osmium - Rise Up

Osmium - Rise Up

Say./Power./Things./Warcry./Rise Up./Breathe./No Man./On A Hill./World Apart./Bored./Time./Know Yourself./Suffering, Confused, Lost.

DMCD 1032


OSMIUM formed sometime in the late 80's in the grime of the city. After a couple of well received demo tapes that travelled the worldwide hardcore underground and gained the band coverage in numerous fanzines, they recorded an album with Demi Monde Records ....... The album was recorded in January 1991, it's called RISE UP, it's about thinking for yourself. However, no one has been able to hear the album so far because of the collapse of major Indie distributer Rough Trade. A year of gigging and building up a big underground buzz has left Osmium frustrated; with no album release and a public demanding something Osmium have had to sit on the sidelines and watch other bands rise up.

Now, finally, Osmium's album RISE UP is available and they can prove what all the fuss was about. OSMIUM are buzzing around London. In recent weeks the mainstream press have caught up with Osmium's subversive activities ..... The media are confused, too Indie for the Metalheads, far too hardcore for the delicate Indie ears. Osmium have been compared with SENSELESS THINGS, NIRVANA, NEIL YOUNG, MOTORHEAD, CITIZEN FISH ...... You see, the press are confused ...... Osmium don't care. Osmium have been gigging with ATOM SEEDS, NEW ENGLAND, KITCHENS OF DISTINCTION, METAL MONKEY MACHINE, FUDGE TUNNEL, GREEDSVILLE, mixing and matching their audiences to the confusion ........ Living in the backyard of the tired old Ivory Tower London music business Osmium are annoyed but they also amuse themselves playing games ...... with the assistance of THE ORGAN fanzine ........ OSMIUM find it all very entertaining to play games with the London music business Heavy Metal is dead, that has nothing to do with Osmium, their only association with Metal is loud guitars. London's nearly dead: Osmium do have a lot to do with that, they're helping to kill it. If you want to stick OSMIUM into a pigeonhole then here it is: SCUNGE - DRIVEN - SUB - THRASH - PSYCHO - CORE - INDIE - METAL - GROOVEPUNKS FROM HELL.

JUSTIN BUCKLEY guitar / vocals,
MARK CHICK bass / vocals,

Osmium are mixing up a cocktail of Teen spirit with hardcore punk attitude: the love of Motorhead's volume, Neil Young's Weld, The attitude of Silverfish, the 'couldn't give a shit' of Nirvana ...... English SUB - POP for the times we play in. Osmium are about questioning things, thinking for yourself ........ WHAT DID YOU THINK TODAY ?.

Sean Worrall The ORGAN.