Rabbit's Hat - Optic Mansion

Rabbit's Hat - Optic Mansion

Welcome./Free Yourself./Orion./Hippy Anthem./Heaven Sent./Satan./Hieronymus Bosch./Angel./We Are One./Hammer./Shine On./The Moon./Troup of Bears.

DMCD 1034

Rabbit's Hat

The Rabbit's Hat, who are based in the north east of England, after two years of perfecting, engineering and distributing their own brand of original thought-felt songs through their own cassette label Stone Premonitions, based in Gateshead, have now signed to Demi Monde Records. The time has come for world domination! With this in mind a sample track appears on the Demi Monde compilation C.D. 'Welcome To The World Of....' (DMCD 1030) as a forerunner to the release of their first C.D. 'Optic Mansion' (DMCD 1034).

The songs on this release are of the end of a troubled century on the threshhold of a new, disillusioned with the mercenary concerns of a tabloid world. The Rabbit's Hat seek to give us an alternative view of the Age with lyrics to think about and music to feel. Watch out for this band - they are great!