Mr Quimby's Beard - Out There

Mr Quimby's Beard - Out There

Snake Dance./Coming Down./Reality./Travelling./Wake Up./Out There./Another Visit./Try./Bringing Up The Acid.

DMCD 1035

Mr Quimby's Beard

Lost for a thousand years, and only once worn by the great man himself, Mr Quimby's Beard has been sought after by many a brave traveller but as yet no one has found it. A beard so well crafted and shaped that all who see it fall at the wearers feet. A beard so strong that no mortal weapon could ever penetrate it, and a beard so powerful that the person who wore it would become as mighty as the great one himself. But where could it be? Has it been lost forever? Is it still on this earth or even this plane? These are the questions the four chosen ones of this age mean to answer!

Embarking on a journey of deadly uncertainty. Space Captains Ray, Kidd, Gaz and Hardy set forth in search of the beard. A journey which will take them through time, space and beyond. Travel with them on their new album "OUT THERE" a space rock classic from Demi Monde.